Self assessment & reporting


Benefits of reporting

Compliance with the mandatory requirements will assist agencies to attain effective and appropriate protective security management in line with the New Zealand government's expectations.

Compliance with the PSR provides benefits to government, portfolios and agencies.

Benefits to the New Zealand government

Benefits to government include:

  • providing a mechanism to assure the government that sound and responsible protective security occurs across government
  • enabling the identification of any serious or systemic protective security issues across government, which can then be addressed through policy changes and education programmes
  • enabling the government to identify and implement better practice protective security
  • enabling, where appropriate, the communication to ministers of significant compliance issues within their portfolios
  • promoting intra-portfolio cooperation between agencies to address portfolio-wide issues.

The information provided will be used to inform whole-of-government protective security status reporting.

Benefits to your organisation

Benefits include:

  • the ability to identify areas of low protective security capability and address any issues on a timely basis
  • knowledge gained by one agency can be captured and issued to all relevant agencies, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of protective security practices
  • assurance about the security of information and asset sharing arrangements.

Page last modified: 4/05/2022