Insider threat videos

Use this series of videos to help you communicate effectively about insider threat. Play the videos at meetings, load them to your intranet, include them in security training modules, or make them part of induction materials for new employees.

Each video conveys core messages about insider threat and builds on the one before. The compilation video combines all the core messages of the ‘It happens here’ campaign.

In the video series, you’ll hear from:

  • Rebecca Kitteridge, the Director-General of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
  • security managers from across the public sector
  • Rocket Lab, a private sector company.

Video 1 – Understand the organising idea behind ‘It happens here’

Watch this introductory video to understand the central idea behind the campaign and the purpose of the short guide.

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (16KB, doxc)

Video 2 – Listen to security professionals in the public sector talk about why security matters

Security professionals talk about the insider threat in relatable terms, so everyone can understand why it’s important to take this threat seriously, and how they can contribute to reducing it.

“You wouldn’t give someone you don’t know your banks details, you wouldn’t let someone you didn’t know just follow you into your house, so the same principles apply at work.” 

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (17KB, doxc)

Video 3 – Take a deeper look at insider threat and the risks involved

This video goes a little deeper into insider threat, and the practical risks insiders can pose to your organisation. It highlights the everyday things people do that put their organisation’s people, assets, and information at risk.

“There could be people within your organisation, who either deliberately, or because they are really careless, are creating some threat to the valuable assets that you hold, such as information” 

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (18KB, doxc)

Video 4 – Hear Rocket Lab’s security manager share his approach

This video takes you inside security at Rocket Lab and captures the role everyone can play to protect their workplace. Rocket Lab follows the government’s Protective Security Requirements to protect their people and assets at their world-leading facilities.

“It’s the absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal…it’s just part and parcel of management, you need to know your people”

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (19KB, doxc)

Video 5 – Hear security professionals discuss the impact New Zealand culture has on thinking about insider threat, and how we respond

This video discusses ways to overcome the common barriers to reducing insider threat: people believing insider threat doesn’t happen much, and if it does, it won’t be that bad.

“Challenge people that are inside the environment that you don’t know”

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (17KB, doxc)

Video 6 — Watch the ‘supercut’ — a compilation of the five videos

This video captures all the core messages from each of the previous videos. You may find it useful when you want to present all the messages at once. 

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (24KB, doxc)

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