Guide to the core themes of the campaign

Understanding the thinking behind the campaign will help you to communicate the core messages more effectively.

Barriers this campaign addresses

‘It happens here’ addresses barriers that security professionals frequently encounter when they try to raise awareness about the insider threat. Those barriers are:

  • Many employees don’t like to think about insider threat. They don’t want to imagine their colleagues are capable of it, nor do they believe in their own potential for accidentally exposing their organisation to loss or damage.
  • Most employees underestimate the risk of insider threat: You might hear “that sort of thing doesn’t happen here.” Even if they do acknowledge the risk, they might argue that the impact could never be significant in a country like New Zealand.

Why do these barriers exist?

The work culture in New Zealand is less hierarchical than in other countries. There’s less distance between senior managers and workers, and people often work in open-plan spaces. This culture can make things feel less formal, easier to manage, and reduce perceptions of risk.

While it’s important to keep these positive features of our work culture, we also need to address how it can affect people’s ability to acknowledge and react to insider threat.

Core campaign messages 

The core messages underlying the campaign are:

  • The insider threat is real — insider acts do happen here in New Zealand and the consequences are severe.
  • We can all learn to recognise the signs of insider threat and act in ways that reduce the threat. Preventing an insider threat is everyone’s responsibility.

How you can help spread the word and be understood

The conversations you have with people in your organisation are crucial for embedding the campaign’s core messages and ensuring people understand the resources. In some organisations, the resources could become part of training and development modules.

Working with your people one-to-one or in small groups could be the most effective way of ensuring that:

  • the framing and messaging for ‘It happens here’ is well understood
  • people have time and space to read the guidance and watch the accompanying video series
  • people can ask questions and get advice from their security teams.

Need support? Got any questions?

The Protective Security Requirements team is here to help your campaign run smoothly.

Page last modified: 6/08/2020