It happens here

A lack of understanding about insider threat is a potential blind spot in New Zealand’s security culture. Use these campaign resources to help you raise awareness of insider threat at your workplace.

‘It happens here’ is designed to help security professionals working in public and private organisations to build people’s understanding of insider threat and encourage them to take responsibility to help reduce the risks.

The campaign resources are also useful for people:

  • working in communications and human resources
  • leading teams (line managers, team leaders).

Raise awareness, change behaviour, and reduce the risks

The first step in raising awareness about insider threat is to help people understand that:

  • the threat is real
  • insider acts do happen here in New Zealand and the consequences are severe
  • we’re all responsible for helping to reduce the risks.

Security professionals told us that complacency and aspects of New Zealand’s workplace culture were the major barriers to reducing insider threat. They said many employees:

  • don’t take insider threat seriously because they believe ‘it doesn’t happen here’
  • don’t like to think anyone they work with could be a threat because it goes against ‘Kiwi culture’.

In New Zealand, we tend to minimise the risk of security threats — and sometimes bad things in general — with ‘it won’t happen here’.

This campaign addresses these barriers right from the start. The resources aim to help you change beliefs and behaviour while retaining the positive attributes of New Zealand workplaces. Learn more about the core themes of the campaign.

Use the campaign resources to help you spread the word

The resources will help you explain insider threat in a way that people can understand why it matters, how to recognise it, and what they need to do.

Start with understanding the insider threat, distribute the guide to managing insider threat to team leaders, communication teams and HR groups, share the videos, and capture your organisation’s unique challenges using the case study template.

This video introduces the campaign and its relevance to New Zealand workplaces:

Page last modified: 23/03/2021