Physical security


Threat assessments

Assess your physical security threats so you can put the right controls in place.

Threats may affect your whole organisation or be specific to one site or area. Specific threats could apply to your people, clients, and the public. Remember to also assess any threats to individual assets.

Use your threat assessments to inform your organisation’s overall risk assessment.

Call on experts when you need to

When you don’t have the right expertise to assess a threat, call on external sources, such as your local police and other authorities to help you.

If you need input from the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) to complete your threat assessment contact your PSR Engagement Manager.

Assess when your facilities might need extra protection

Some threats to facilities increase the likelihood of harm to people, information, or physical assets. You’ll need to put extra or higher controls in place to mitigate those threats.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about situations when your organisation might need to put extra protection in place at facilities.  

  • How much do the public know about what your facilities are used for? Are any contentious programmes run at your facilities?
  • Is there a high level of crime in the neighbourhood?
  • Are your people at risk of violence from clients?
  • Are your facilities at risk from public violence arising from protests?
  • Is terrorism a possible threat?
  • Do you have any shared facilities? Examples include single-use facilities, co-tenancies with private high-risk tenants, and work areas within your organisation with diverse programmes.
  • How valuable are the information and physical assets in your facilities? Would they be attractive to groups of security concern, including foreign intelligence services, issue-motivated groups, and trusted insiders?

More information on managing risks:

Page last modified: 2/10/2018