Personnel Security

This section has information and tools to help your organisation set up effective personnel security measures to protect your people, information, and assets.

Mandatory requirements

The core personnel security requirements that mandated government agencies must follow and other organisations should consider as best practice.

Management protocol for personnel security

This protocol explains the personnel security (PERSEC) risk management cycle, the personnel security management cycle and how they relate to the PSR mandatory personnel security requirements.

Risk-based approach

Implementing personnel security measures can be costly or disruptive. Your security measures must be considered in light of your organisation’s security context, potential threats and risk appetite.

Creating a security culture

Everyone in the organisation contributes to its security culture. Organisational culture has a direct impact on security. Even with the best security processes and tools your organisation will still be at risk if people have a poor attitude toward security.

Understand the risk people pose to your organisation

Although people are often said to be an organisation’s greatest asset, they can also be a weakness.

Insider threats come from our past or present employees, contractors or business partners. They can misuse their inside knowledge or access to harm our people, our customers, our assets or our reputation.

Managing insider risk

Advice and guidance on reducing the risks from people within your organisation by applying good personnel security practices.

National security clearances

Ensure your people have the right level of national security clearance before you grant them access to any information and resources classified as confidential, secret, or top secret.

Procedural fairness

This section explains procedural fairness for security vetting candidates - your right to a fair process. When you’re a candidate for a security clearance, you have the right to be treated fairly.

Evaluating your personnel security

Evaluate your organisation’s personnel security measures to make sure they meet your current needs, and evolve as your risk environment changes over time.