Information security

These requirements for protective markings apply to all official information, with or without a security classification.


The handling requirements are part of information security within the New Zealand Government and help your agency to implement the Protective Security Requirements.

Protective markings are not just for paper documents — they’re also for electronic information, digital media, information that will be delivered orally, and equipment in which protectively-marked information is held or stored.

For help to identify which information and equipment needs protective markings, go to the New Zealand Government Security Classification System.

Applying protective markings to official information

Protective markings help to keep official information secure. They’re a visual reminder of the security measures that apply to information or equipment.

Controlling and handling official information with protective markings

Official information with protective markings must be controlled and handled correctly to keep it secure.

Reproducing protectively-marked information

Use the right methods to protect official information with protective markings when you reproduce it.

Removing protected material from your premises

Understand how to protect official information with protective markings when you take it away from your premises.

Transferring or transporting protectively-marked information

Know how to keep protected information secure when you transfer or transport it or receive it.

Destroying protectively-marked information securely

Use approved procedures for destroying ICT media and documents with protective markings.

Quick guides to handling protectively-marked information and assets

See the quick guides for a summary of how to control and handling protectively-marked information and assets.