Welcome to the new PSR website

Welcome to the new PSR website

You'll find that the new PSR website has a fresh new look that should make it easier to find the information you need.

Key changes to the site

  • A new look and feel that should be easier to navigate
  • new PERSEC mandatory requirements and supporting guidance
  • new search functionality
  • refreshed diagrams (especially in physical security)
  • the ability to subscribe to receive email notifications of updates to the PSR website
  • the ability to save links to pages to read later (this relies on having cookies enabled).

The other areas of the PSR remain the same for now but watch out for further new requirements and guidance in September.

If you notice anything with the website that isn't working correctly or content that's not quite right please let us know by sending an email describing the problem to psr@protectivesecurity.govt.nz