Physical security


Selecting sites

Assess your physical security risks during your site selection process.

Involve your chief security officer and other security people early in the process of selecting a site. You need to ensure that a potential site can meet your organisation’s security needs.

Evaluate the site

Evaluate the following physical security factors to work out if a site is suitable. 

Does the neighbourhood pose any risks? 

Examples of neighbourhood-related issues that might affect your decision to use a site are the:

  • level and type of criminal activity in the area
  • impact of risks to or from neighbours (organisations, businesses, and residents)
  • impact from over-sight of your organisation’s operations.

Is there enough space for a standoff perimeter?

You might need a certain standoff distance to protect a building from threats. In some urban environments, it can be hard to achieve an effective standoff distance.

Remember to consider any threats pedestrians and vehicles may cause.

Does the site meet your access and parking needs?

Check and evaluate access through the standoff perimeter and into the facility.

  • What is access like for pedestrian traffic, delivery vehicles, and cars?
  • Does the site easily accommodate normal business?
  • How will you control and monitor parking within the perimeter?

Can you secure all access points?

Make sure all building access points can be secured, including:

  • entries
  • exits
  • air intakes and outlets
  • service ducts.

Does the site accommodate your security zones? 

Can the site provide the security zones you need (the zones you identified in your risk assessment)?
Can you implement security in depth at the site?

Is the site at risk in a natural disaster?

Seek specialist advice about the risks of natural disasters in the area, and which mitigation strategies to apply. Contact your local territorial authority for information on natural hazards for a site.

If your organisation chooses a site that is at risk from a natural disaster, select security products that protect against the associated physical security risks.

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