Personnel Security


Identify the need for a clearance

Understand when someone needs to hold a national security clearance and when they don't.

Grant a clearance

Information on the processes for security vetting and granting a national security clearance.

Set the right expectations

Help clearance holders understand their obligations and your organisation’s security policies and practices.

Ensure their ongoing suitability

Ensure that people remain suitable to hold a national security clearance

Manage their security clearance

Understand the steps you need to take to manage a holder’s security clearance including monitoring any concerning behaviour, reporting and responding to security incidents involving them, managing their access to emergency materials, and managing changes to their security clearance level.

Manage their departure

When a clearance holder leaves, they retain their knowledge of your organisation’s business operations, intellectual property, classified information, and security vulnerabilities. Managing their departure well will help to reduce the risk of this knowledge being misused.

Security clearance levels

Information on the four different security clearance levels