Personnel Security


Set the right expectations

Set clear expectations about security. New employees, employees changing roles, and contractors, must understand your security policies and practices as soon as possible after joining your organisation.

Baseline activities to set the right expectations

Conduct an induction to your organisation, including to your values, code of conduct, health and safety procedures, and security expectations. 
Provide security awareness training tailored to your organisation’s security risks and to the risks you’ve identified for individual roles. Make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities for security.

Optional activities to consider

Create an individual risk management plan if an individual you employ has specific security risks. Use the plan to support the employee in their work, treat risks, and maintain your organisation’s security.

Activities for national security clearance holders

For staff who are granted a national security clearance, you must provide a security briefing. Use the briefing to help them understand their responsibilities, so they can maintain their clearance and keep your information and assets safe.
If an employee is granted a clearance with conditions (qualifications), you must develop a risk management plan to address those qualifications.

Page last modified: 4/05/2022