Personnel Security

Ensure your people have the right level of national security clearance before you grant them access to any information and resources classified as confidential, secret, or top secret.


Getting a national security clearance

This section helps you understand what the vetting process is about, so you know why it’s important and what to expect.

Eligibility self-check tool

Use this self-check tool to find out if you or someone else might be eligible to apply for a national security clearance.

Recruiting and managing national security clearance holders

Government organisations need greater assurance about the trustworthiness and loyalty of people who have access to classified information and resources. That assurance begins with a national security clearance.

Security Assessment Criteria and the Adjudicative Guidelines

This section explains the Security Assessment Criteria and the Adjudicative Guidelines that NZSIS uses to help assess if a candidate is trustworthy, and responsible to be granted a national security clearance.

Procedural fairness

This section explains procedural fairness for security vetting candidates - your right to a fair process. When you’re a candidate for a security clearance, you have the right to be treated fairly.