Protective Security Requirements – an overview

The Protective Security Requirements (PSR) outlines the Government’s expectations for managing personnel, physical and information security. The PSR will better help you manage business risks and assure continuity of service delivery. The PSR clearly sets out what agencies must and should consider to ensure they are managing security effectively.

Implementing the PSR will enable agencies to assure the Government and the public they have appropriate and effective measures in place to protect New Zealand’s people, information and assets.

The PSR is organised into a four-tier, hierarchical structure.

Tier one – the Government's directive on the security of government business.

Tier two – the core policies and mandatory requirements agencies must implement to ensure a consistent and controlled security environment throughout the public sector.

Tier three – the detailed policies, protocols and specific management requirements, which aim to help agencies implement the mandatory requirements.

Tier four – agency-specific security policies and procedures.


PSR Framework diagram