What you need to know

Protective Security Requirements – roles and responsibilities

Private contractors and service providers employed by government agencies play an important role in helping government agencies maintain personnel, physical and information security.

The Protective Security Requirements (PSR) outlines the Government’s expectations for managing personnel, physical and information security. It clearly sets out what agencies must and should consider to ensure they are managing protective security effectively.

By implementing the PSR you will:

  • help manage business risks
  • assure continuity of service delivery
  • assure the Government and the public there are appropriate and effective measures in place to protect New Zealand’s people, information and assets. 

The PSR provides you with:

  • core policy documents that describe the high-level mandatory requirements that agencies are required to implement and report against
  • protocols and management requirements that provide direction on how to meet the mandatory requirements.

What you need to do

As a private contractor and service provider, your responsibilities include:

  • being aware of the PSR and the security policies and procedures that apply to your employer agency (particularly your obligations set out in your contractual terms and conditions)
  • understanding the impact of an employer agency’s security policies and procedures on the services provided (services such as information management, information and communications technology, facilities design and management, personnel recruitment, general security services)
  • developing a positive working relationship with your employer agency to promote open communication and add value to the security environment through the prompt identification and resolution of issues.

Depending on the role, you may also need to gain and maintain a national security clearance (sponsored by your employer agency) and clearly understand your security obligations and responsibilities as a clearance holder.

Common Questions

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If you want to know more about the PSR you can contact:

psr@protectivesecurity.govt.nz +64 4 472 6170