• Vetting

    A background checking process and assessment action to determine a realistic and informed evaluation of an individual’s suitability for access to protectively marked material and to hold the appropriate security clearance.

  • Vetting officer (NZSIS)

    NZSIS vetting officers assess candidates undergoing security vetting against established criteria that measure and influence their suitability to hold a security clearance. Vetting officers conduct interviews with and assessments on candidates applying for a national security clearance in accordance with the procedures outlined in the PSR.

  • Violation

    See Security violation.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    The tunnelling of network traffic through another networks, separating the VPN traffic from the underlying network. A VPN can encrypt traffic, if necessary.

  • Virus (ICT systems)

    See Malware.

  • Visitor

    A visitor is any person whose duties do not normally require them to access the area being visited, or who does not qualify for an appropriate pass, but who can demonstrate a legitimate reason for seeking entry to the area.

  • VPN

    Virtual Private Network

  • Vulnerability (ICT systems)

    A flaw, bug or misconfiguration that can be exploited to gain unauthorised access to a network or information.

  • Vulnerability (risk management)

    The degree of susceptibility and resilience of an agency to hazards.